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This is a great app. But it would amazing if we were able to have the ability to edit gifs we have saved in our files as well. Instead of only being limited to what’s available in the searches of the app.

Getting better

Glad you guys added Facebook option. I wish we could upload our own gifs


holy shinikies, this app changed my life. Thank you.


Wow. All I can say is wow. I am very pleased. This is too much fun


Simple. Fast. Just what I need. JifGif is honestly perfect. Use it for twitter like 10 times a week (slight hyperbole, but still). Would strongly recommend.

Not to bad

Need a suggest gif feature


Highly recommend this app. My only complaint is that I am having issues uploading to Facebook via the Facebook app so that I can post the gifs on my friends page. It takes me to mobile and I can only upload to my own page. I work around that by just posting the link. No biggie. Still give it a solid 4 with that 1 nitpick.


Lately the app keeps crashing when I try to save a gif. Anyway to fix this??

Potential, but...

Where are the "4500+" gifs you say you have? Cuz they're not there.. Browse function is extremely limited. And the search needs broadening: Google and Giphy search. Also should be able to upload or paste gif from URL. Please update this paid app.

Best app OAT

This is the best app ever. The 1 minor criticism I have is there should be folders for the custom faces I make so I don't have to scroll through 100+. Thanks!

All it’s missing is more gifs

Such an easy app to use. All I hope for is potential integration with GIPHY so we can have unlimited resources.

Best app of all time

Worth every single penny

Best in the GIF game ...

This App allows amateurs to look like professionals. There isn't a person alive who doesn't want to throw their friend's head on someone else's body for some laughs. Basically, this App makes dreams come true.

Laughs for dayz

Worth every penny

Great buy!

Edit: Thanks for the response. It helped.


Very cool 😎 app.

Best app ever

A must download. This is the best app anyone can have.

Best $0.99 I ever spent

Gif Jif = The GOAT App


Cool app but must pay $9.99 to remove watermark. Not worth it at all.

One hour I'm best app on my phone

This is amazing



Would be 5 stars if

The gifs were longer or could be imported from Giphy and other sources. I'm sure there's too much work to identifying faces to allow the import to work, but if we could get 15-20sec gifs this would be amazing.

best. app. ever.

this is the greatest app for anyone who loves gifs!


Funny app but I wish they would figure out a better method when it comes to customizing the head you want on a gif. Please update and fix this cause it's a horrible part of the app!

The best

One of the best apps out there. So underrated and simple to use.


Well worth the cost. Easy to learn and use. Tons of gifs. Awesome app

Unrelenting fun!

Very fun app, great variety of options. Bought the package and it was money well spent.

Best app ever

Quite possibly the best app of all time.

😭😭😭😭😭😭 excellent app

Always hilarious.


Once you start you can't stop. You'll be the envy of all your friends.

Not worth it.

You must unlock the full version in order to meme the pictures and remove the watermark. That's 10 bucks more. RIP OFF!

Great app

Really a great app. My friends love them on Twitter. Even works over here in Spain!

Where has this been all my life!?

Want to get a quick response from you friends or celebrate an epic moment? Get this app and you won't be able to put it down!

This rules

So fun and so easy to use. They add new features all the time.

Awesome Stuff

I always have fun with this app. The trending pages contains funny and relevant Gifs. I love the mixture of movies, politics, and sports!

LOVE this thing

This app is hilarious - and it works extremely well. Can save your friends faces or use the trending faces app provides. Gif catalog is huge - can always find the funniest!

Best App Ever

This is the best Gif app ever!!!

Perfect gif creator

Exactly what I was looking for!

Must download

Amazing app


How do you even work this? Can only add face to the things they provide for you. Should let us put on whatever it would be so much more fun and hilarious

Can't upload to Facebook

Good app but won't let you upload to Facebook. It shows up as a still picture. Fix this and it's a 5 star rating


I use this app on a daily basis. No surprise the update gives us users even more functionality. Whoever these guys are keep doing what you're doing. The Gif revolution is underway and it's being led by team GifJif. Godspeed and Gif ON!

Add Gifs

5 star app all the way


It's very hard to make me laugh out loud. GIFJIF made it happen. I love the wrestling GIFs. My life now is now divided into two: before AND AFTER I download GIFJIF.


Great app for gifs. Gets a laugh 100% of the time every time

Great app. Easy to use. Constantly adding GIF's

Haven't found a better gif making app anywhere. Easy to use. Always updates. Highly recommended.

Now I'm Hilarious!

The update for GifJif has made my favorite app that much better. I love the optionality to put multiple faces on one gif when applicable. Somehow they always have the most current and funny gifs to choose from. Regular gifs will never be the same. Thanks GifJif!

Favorite App!

This app is a blast. Every time I send a gifjif, I am asked about the app. It is beyond fun.


This is my favorite app by far. Best two dollars ever spent

Hilarious and easy

Awesome app and so worth the two bucks. Some features that could make this more amazing: -Better search!!! I need to be able to search adjectives like "sad" or "excited" and get a bunch of results -More gifs. Duh -Ability to "flip" a face mid-gif. Assuming this would be harder to develop but would make production quality way better

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