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Doesn’t work for iPhone XS

Just downloaded this for iPhone XS Max. It will only show a screen to select images but as soon as I click on anything it’s constant loading which never happens.

Like the app, but don’t love it yet.

This app is a blast. But the app is constantly crashing. I hope an update to address this bug will be coming soon. I will update my review when it does.


This app freezes a lot on my phone! It freezes and then kicks me out of the app. I try and go back in and type in the search bar and it freezes again.

Great app with room for improvement

The app is hilarious but I see a lot of improvements. It’s difficult to find a lot of gifs because the only way they can be found is by gif name. It would be helpful to put tags or keywords on gifs, also the ability to add favorites or be able to search for gifs filtered by how many people you can edit in to the gif as well. Just some thoughts to improve because I like the app a lot

Lots of Fun

Fun, fun , fun!!


Loving it best app in years!!!

Great app!

My only complaint is I wish I could upload new gifs to the app from the app.

Simply Remarkable

GifJif is a truly amazing app. It lets me become the star of my group chats. I feel invincible with this app and I’ll be using it every chance I get. My kids will be using GifJif and there kids will be using GifJif and so on, you get the point. Thank you GifJif team, whomever you are. - Garry Potter

Need help

I’ve downloaded the app and bought all available purchases but it didn’t acknowledge the purchase. I have receipts and all. Please help.



Need more Gifs

Cool app but need more Gifs, doesn’t have near the amount from Giphy or at least the option to add GIFs. I like the app cause you can cut faces and add to it which makes it a lot of fun. App can be buggy at times, I’ve had to crash quite a bit. The interface could also use an upgrade to make it more intuitive as far as searching, perhaps a drop down category area. Mainly it’s just buggy and would freeze. Hopefully that gets remedied.

Will we be able to upload gifs and videos soon

Rated 4 out of 5 because I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while and this one works perfectly. The only thing I would ask- well 2 things- is that they allow for a facial expression change and also the uploading of our own gifs and videos to alter and then download. This app is a game changer and it would be even greater with that addition.


It won’t let me customize or let me make my own gif’s after I purchase that feature.

I like

Pretty cool app, love to use.

Upset over my acct. payment

UPDATE: Devs quick response and I was able to get my paid app working on my second phone. Thank you. 5 stars for sure. Great app. Funny results all the time. A must have. I have two iPhones. One for work and one for pleasure. Both utilize the same Apple ID. I paid for the app to have the meme effect enabled. It worked on one phone and it asks me to pay on the other. That is some BS if you ask me. Devs any help would. Be great.


I’ve been waiting for this app for years! Truly amazing.

Need Able to Search GIFs

I like this app I think it’s great! The only thing I’d have to say about this is that you can’t search a lot of gifs it would be better if you can search all the gifs like if you were using google to search gifs or something like on GroupMe. Hopefully they update something like this.


This is fun!!!

I've been looking and looooooking

I've been looking for an app just like this forever! This is the first one I could find that did it. The only thing I would love to see, is a few more options like uploading my own original GIFs and editing features.

Works well

Lacks lots of gifs. Library needs updating

Essential App

Absolutely love this app and how easy it makes adding faces to gifs. Only gripe is the lack of being able to submit gifs from my iPhone like you can on the website.

I love this app

Easy and a whole lot of fun to use!

Gif Jif is great !!

Fantastic! Thanks !

Crisp crispy crispy

Amazing way to fling absolute zingas with reckless abandon

Great App for social media fun

It makes it so easy to add faces to gifs without using a PC. They have a large selection of gifs to use and lots of pre made faces. My only complaint is it’s not very easy to search through the available gifs, the keywords don’t work very well, I’d prefer categories or allowing me link my gif finder from my Apple keyboard to find more.

Upload gif

This app is incredible. So much fun. I’d love to be able to upload my own videos to change the faces on. Is this possible?


Awesome app! Keep up the great work!

It works

Having fun with this Just needs more options Please add default or custom sound 👍🏼

Done Right!

If you and your friends hate laughing....this isn’t the app for you. But if you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’d like a quick and easy way to share a laugh, sign up. Don’t overthink it, it’s social media done right.

Need more gifs

This app is great, always good for a laugh. Would be much better if there was more of a selection. A lot of times I can’t find gifs that I’ve seen in other gif apps and when I search certain things nothing comes up.

Buy it

Worth every single penny


This app changed my life. I’m the funniest man in my group chat. Coincidentally I’m also the most annoying.


There are no words to describe the amount of laughter ive had using this app I would easily have paid $10 if i knew it was this good WOW

Please add

Please add Bobby Shmurda’s Shmoney dance where he flips his hat


This is a great app. But it would amazing if we were able to have the ability to edit gifs we have saved in our files as well. Instead of only being limited to what’s available in the searches of the app.

Getting better

Glad you guys added Facebook option. I wish we could upload our own gifs


holy shinikies, this app changed my life. Thank you.


Wow. All I can say is wow. I am very pleased. This is too much fun


Simple. Fast. Just what I need. JifGif is honestly perfect. Use it for twitter like 10 times a week (slight hyperbole, but still). Would strongly recommend.

Not to bad

Need a suggest gif feature


Highly recommend this app. My only complaint is that I am having issues uploading to Facebook via the Facebook app so that I can post the gifs on my friends page. It takes me to mobile and I can only upload to my own page. I work around that by just posting the link. No biggie. Still give it a solid 4 with that 1 nitpick.


Lately the app keeps crashing when I try to save a gif. Anyway to fix this??

Potential, but...

Where are the "4500+" gifs you say you have? Cuz they're not there.. Browse function is extremely limited. And the search needs broadening: Google and Giphy search. Also should be able to upload or paste gif from URL. Please update this paid app.

Best app OAT

This is the best app ever. The 1 minor criticism I have is there should be folders for the custom faces I make so I don't have to scroll through 100+. Thanks!

All it’s missing is more gifs

Such an easy app to use. All I hope for is potential integration with GIPHY so we can have unlimited resources.

Best in the GIF game ...

This App allows amateurs to look like professionals. There isn't a person alive who doesn't want to throw their friend's head on someone else's body for some laughs. Basically, this App makes dreams come true.

Laughs for dayz

Worth every penny

Great buy!

Edit: Thanks for the response. It helped.


Very cool 😎 app.

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